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Momotaro Restaurant
4.1 (Judy's Book Rating)
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509 S Glenoaks Blvd Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 238-9944

Owner's Message

Kid-friendly features include: One horizontally mounted Koala Kare changing station on the women's restroom. Our menu currently features a dedicated kids menu section (we have not yet completed our gluten-free meu options). Being that we serving raw seafood, we are upheld to strict cleanliness standards and currently hold a health score rating of A. We are owners, parents and new grandparents. Two of our six servers have young children of their own and we generally seat familes with children towards the center of available seating and reserve the corners for those who desire additional privacy. We also offer a privately sectioned alcove for those with children who simply refuse to stay seated (our grandchildren, for example), or for use as an impromptu breastfeeding station. Our dining area is not completely open and features movable partitions for sectioning. Strollers are absolutely welcome. Sushi-shaped lollipops (caveat: non-organic and includes artificial flavoring) are available for sale at the front counter and are generally given for free to the children of dine-in patrons. We do not offer toys to play with, but what children bring in to amuse themselves has never and will never be an issue. And while we do not offer coloring books, we do offer crayons for kids to doodle on our paper place mats (a favorite dining past time of mine when I was a child). Table surfaces are of black granite which makes for effortless cleanup. Five available high chairs with working buckles (a personal pet peeve of mine) rounds out our scope of kid friendly features. Overall, we do not feel that we warrant a KidScore of '14 Kids Not Welcome' but rather '25 Kids Allowed' and up. Thank you.


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