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Hilton Garden Inn
1.0 (Judy's Book Rating)
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700 Beta Dr Cleveland, OH 44143
(440) 646-1777


The Hilton Garden Inn is our top pick for an overnight stop on road trips with kids. Hilton Garden Inns are an affordable and family-friendly hotel that provides numerous amenities that you and your kids will enjoy. For example, Hilton Garden Inn allows kids 18 and younger to stay for free in their parent’s room, and also provides a made-to-order breakfast each morning. This chain of moderately priced inns feature comfortable and clean room accommodations, as well as affordable spa services. The hotel’s team of attentive staff ensure that your entire family is comfortable throughout the duration of your stay. Each Hilton Garden Inn has a pool area with an infant and toddler pool area that your youngest kids will love to splash and play in. Hilton Garden Inn also provides a hot tub area where adults can soak away their stress and relax. The chain doesn't provide much in terms of kids entertainment or babysitting services, but the quiet environment will lull you and your kids into a restful sleep each night. Many Hilton Garden Inns are located in city centers, near major highways or popular tourist attractions. The Hilton’s concierge service will help you determine which family-friendly attractions are in your area, and may even give you coupons to reduce entertainment and dining costs.


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