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Magic Time Machine
3.5 (Judy's Book Rating)
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5003 Belt Line Rd Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 980-1903
Monday – Thursday 5:29pm – ??? Friday 4:29pm – ??? Saturday & Sunday Open for Lunch through Dinner 10:59am – ???

Owner's Message

Back in 1973, it was Tony the Tiger, John Wayne, Peter Pan, and ‘Elvis’ who joked with customers, and treated them to a very special dining experience with one of their favorite pop culture icons. Guests feasted on Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Hand-cut Steaks, and the Freshest Seafood available. Many attempted to conquer the mammoth ‘Roman Orgy’ only to ask for doggy bags to take home the proof of their defeat. Over 35 years later, the Magic Time Machine is still exciting guests with much the same menu and fanfare that brought in the original crowds. In fact, we have been recognized by numerous publications as ‘Best Special Occasion Restaurant’ and ‘Best Children’s Restaurant’ multiple times. The Magic Time Machine is a great place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and just about anything else. Made it to work on time today? Come to dinner! Let’s celebrate. Today, it is Captain Jack Sparrow, Ace Ventura, Woody the Sheriff, and Wonder Woman doing the serving. Not to be outdone, Indiana Jones, Dora the Explorer, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood anxiously await your arrival. Super heroes like Spiderman, Mr. Incredible, Johnny Storm and Bat Girl can frequently be seen chasing the Joker, Cruella Deville, and the poor misunderstood Dr. Evil. Each visit brings a unique dining experience, even with the same characters. The Magic Time Machine, where Improvisation is at its best every night, at every table. The menu has remained true to its roots with the same succulent Prime Rib and Steaks, but also offers many Chicken, Pork, and Seafood dishes as well. The Roman Orgy still awaits those with an adventurous spirit. Our Chefs also prepare Specials daily to take advantage of the freshest ingredients available at their peak. The children’s menu offers a wide range of choices to satisfy even the most finicky of eaters. Come join us at the Magic Time Machine Restaurant, the only restaurant where ‘Laughing Aloud, is Allowed’.


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