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Laughing Planet Cafe
4.1 (Judy's Book Rating)
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3320 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
(503) 235-6472
Daily 11am-10pm


The Laughing Planet Cafe serves families delicious and affordable food with extremely fast and courteous service. This family-friendly restaurant features a team of kid-friendly staff and a relaxed, welcoming dining atmosphere. The restaurant utilizes fresh and organic ingredients in their mexican-inspired cuisine and nutritional fruit smoothies. Entrees from the kids menu cost $3.25 each, and include gluten-free and vegan meal choices. Kid’s love Laughing Planet Cafe’s gluten-free Taters and Cheese, vegan/gluten-free Rice-N-Beans, and gluten-free beans, cheese and chips entree. Other kids meal entrees include a Mini Burrito and Mini Quesadilla. Laughing Planet’s fruit smoothies are made from fresh fruit and unsweetened fruit juice only, with no additives, sweeteners, extenders or ice. For less than $5 per smoothie, parents and kids can enjoy a healthy and nutritious liquid meal. The restaurant’s quick service, healthy ingredients and extensive gluten-free menu choices make The Laughing Planet Cafe the perfect place to get a light meal with the kids.

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