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Vita Cafe
3.6 (Judy's Book Rating)
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3024 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
(503) 335-8233
Monday To Sunday From 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM


Vita Cafe is located in Portland’s popular Alberta neighborhood, and this family-friendly cafe offers an unbeatable special for the kids. Every day between 5-7pm, kids eat for only $1! Your kids will choose from one of Vita Cafe’s healthy, kid-friendly entrees and your wallet will sing when the bill comes. Many of Vita’s menu choices are wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic, and free-range. In addition, the restaurant itself is a kid-haven. Vita’s provides each child with a locally-designed color-me menu, mini animals and sippy cups. Not to mention, high chairs are available in abundance and the woman’s bathroom has a changing table for the little ones. You won’t have to worry about loud or messy children in this kid-friendly establishment, where parents come from far and wide to enjoy a family meal. The restaurant’s full bar and free wireless internet ensures that parent’s will enjoy their dining experience just as much as the kids. Vita Cafe’s family-friendly staff, numerous amenities for children, affordable, nutritious food and relaxed dining atmosphere makes this restaurant an unbeatable place to grab a bite with the kids.


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