What is KidScore?

KidScore is a rating system from 0-100 that rates how Kid-Friendly certain category of places are. The more kid friendly the higher the score. There are over 20 attributes (with more to be added soon) that are considered in the score. The factors below will give you a general idea of attributes and map to the following scale we’ve created:

90-100 Kid Heaven

Service, products, and place speak to kids. Families seek it out and recommend it for amenities, service, menu, products, play area, toys, etc… Primarily in business to serve families and kids

65- 89 Kid Friendly

Includes requirements of lower scores. A large percent of patrons are families. The staff and other patrons are friendly and comfortable with children. Good for infants, toddlers, children, and tweens. This place is practical and fun.

50-64 Kid Accommodating

Products, Ambiance, and service can be considered kid friendly. Have changing tables, kids’ menu, and high chairs. Easy Parking, Quick Service, Hours, décor, and Pricing are also factors.

25-49 Kids Allowed

Adult targeted but can accommodate children. Although it might have a few basics, it lacks kid specific items like high chairs, changing tables, menus, etc…

0-25 Kids Not Welcome

Not recommended for kids, some places might allow children over age 12, or we have insufficient data.

What are the business categories that KidScore measures?

Restaurants and eateries (and relevant sub-categories of other food and dining places), doctors, dentists, activities & attractions (museums, parks, amusement parks, and much more), and shopping (retail and grocery) We measure different attributes for different categories, so a kid friendly dentist practice won’t get penalized for not having a high chair or kids menu. We are planning on adding new categories in the near future. We want to hear from you, send suggestions to info@kidscore.com.


Can I search top Kid-Friendly places across different geographic regions, Like if I wanted to see the highest rated KidScore restaurants in WA state or the USA?

Yes, you may search by category like restaurant, activities, or sub categories like sushi or pizza. The most common use case for the KidScore location search field is to enter a city and state. It’s also possible to simply enter a state or leave it blank to get all results for a category or keyword. You can also do the same by leaving the main search field blank to get all categories and businesses in a specific city to see the best kid friendly places.


Does KidScore edit or delete content?

KidScore provides an open platform for members to share information.. As such, we do not review or edit posts, except in cases of abuse. Members can call attention to abusive posts by reporting to info@kidscore.com

Every KidScore member agrees to abide by the Terms of Use (TOU) when they join. If a post or is flagged by another user and is found to violate our TOU, it will be permanently removed. (Repeat offenders may also be permanently banned from KidScore).

In general (non-legal) terms, KidScore will remove posts which:

  • Are libelous or factually inaccurate.
  • Encourage or further illegal activity (including escort services)
  • Use inappropriate language (i.e. swearing)
  • Contain Adult content (i.e. porn)
  • Are not relevant to the reviewed item (reviews only) or are deliberately posted to the wrong category (reviews or advice).
  • Are meant to promote the user's own business or personal activities rather than provide information or opinion (i.e. spam).
Do my posts about businesses and services have to be positive?

No. we value honesty and accuracy, no matter what form it takes. As long as your posts are honest descriptions of your experience and don't violate the Terms of Use, you should feel free to post whatever you want, whether positive or negative.

Can comments be edited?

Yes, but if it’s due to change in service or experience we recommend you write a 2nd review to reflect the update. At this time we lack functionality to edit a comments so please e-mail info@kidscore.com with the review update from the e-mail account on record with KidScore. After our agent verifies you made the original post and comment does not violate our KidScore Terms of Use we will update it.


How do I get my business on KidScore?

We only allow listings for restaurants & other eateries, activities & attractions, doctors, dentists, shopping (retail & grocery) at this time. . To get listed on KidScore Simply e-mail us at info@kidscore.com and be sure to include your business name, address, phone number, category and sub-category, a short description of any kid friendly features, and a photo. We are planning on adding additional relevant categories and taking suggestions and ideas for new relevant categories.

How can I update or correct my business information?

E-mail us at info@kidscore.com include the wrong and correct information. We also need a URL link to your website so our agent can verify the information. In some cases we will call owners or ask for additional information to prevent listing fraud.

Can I get my KidScore to go up?

Yes but only to an extent. You can take steps to make your establishment more kid friendly and ensure we have the most up to date information. Realize customers are allowed and encouraged to write reviews and their feedback can cause scores to go up or down. We talked to hundreds of parents when designing the Kidscore with the goal to provide the most comprehensive measure for parents first. There are attributes of the rating outside the control of most owners that we don’t share. To see what an owner can do to improve their score check out our blog post on Tips for making your place more kid friendly.

Can owners write reviews?

We highly discourage writing a review on your own business and will remove any posts that we identify (we have methods to identify fake reviews). We do have created an outlet and encourage owners to give feedback and let us know why they are kid friendly through our business owner page.

Can owners respond to reviews?

Not at this time but we’re building it. If you want to respond to a review let us know at info@kidscore.com

Corporations and Franchises

Do you accept listings from chains or major corporations?

Yes. We ask that you contact us first to determine the best format for getting your locations to us and what data elements we accept.

Do you have an API for Developers, Mobile apps, and Publishers?

Not at this time, but we do have a mechanism for getting KidScore values to other sites. Please see our partner page and contact us with questions or suggestions.

Do you offer website badges and tools for businesses to display their KidScore?

Yes, we make it easy by providing code and tools to print out your KidScore. In the near future we’ll be offering window decals. Please see our business owner page.


If you can’t find an answer to your question or have a suggestion e-mail us: info@kidscore.com