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Whole Foods Market
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650 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 853-1681
8am to 10pm seven days a week


Whole Foods offers a wide variety of organic, natural, and healthy foods. Most of their stores get a high KidScore for amenities like family restrooms with changing tables, cleanliness and sanitation, high quality products, customer education on natural products, many stores have kids play areas, fun kids carts (like cars with steering wheels), green and sustainable features, and great kid products. Their food bar is a good option for families at lunch or dinner, it offers variety for picky eaters, stocked with healthy items, and good quality and taste with seating space. When our General Manager recently visited the new Whole Foods in Lynnwood WA has a KidScore of 89 near Seattle with his toddler, he was pleasantly surprised that the play area was stocked with Green Toys, clean, and at checkout they had a wagon where the checker let his son pick out a free organic fruit item. Expect to pay a premium, but there are sales and specials customers can take advantage of and the food bar can save money compared to going to a restaurant.


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