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Hotel Palomar - Los Angeles - Westwood
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10740 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 475-8711


It’s evident that the team responsible for designing KImptons kid programs consisted of traveling parents. Kimpton hotels offer all sorts of handy stuff, like lists of kid-friendly activities in hotel neighborhoods. Hotel staff presents kids with a welcome gift of their very own and a "Wild Child" animal print robe to use during the stay. Kimpton offers many conveniences to make parents stay easier. Contact the hotel after you make your reservation and hotel staff will deliver a safe crib. High chairs and booster Seat make mealtimes happy for everyone. High chairs and booster seats are available in all Kimpton restaurants and can be delivered to your room for in-room dining. Child Safety Kits—like outlet covers, toilet latches, and nightlights are also available. All Kids Kid-Friendly Dining—restaurants and in-room dining have delicious and healthy options for the youngsters. Accredited Babysitting—Kimpton can recommend babysitters. Child Safety Seats—hotel staff can connect you you with a local car rental companies that offer child safety seats. Kimpton hotels offer child Equipment Rentals from strollers, to bouncy seats, or scooters.


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